Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hi Marston

Hi , Marston

It's really warm here today. +4° . It was raining out in the country. Green fields everywhere on my way to work this morning.
This week-end saw the end of my last cut - leaf maples that I took out of my father's garden on Vercheres and transplanted in the country some 20 odd years ago. The biggest had been damaged twice last summer by violent wind and rain storms. My next door neighbors son-in-law is a professional tree doctor and it took him about 1 hour to bring down 4 big trees in our yards. Here are a couple of pictures of him bringing down the damaged maple.

Snow for Christmas ????? Any predictions ??? or bets.

Ivan R.

Thanks Ivan

I'm not much of a betting man but if you don't have snow on Christmas Day I'll buy you a six pack at the next reunion..

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