Thursday, December 21, 2006

Looking for classmates and friends

Hi Marston,
I don't believe that we have ever met. My name is Donna Barfoot G. I want to thank you for posting that photo of my grade six class with Eddy Massey as Santa, sent to you by John McConachie. Eddy had to stand on a chair to be seen and protested during the whole process.
I will give you my e-mail address as I would like to talk with some of my classmates and friends.

My e-mail address is
Thank you Marston,


Hi Donna,
Thanks for your kind words and a little more information on that grade six class picture. I have added your E-mail address to our GPKer list of E-mails in the left sidebar of the blog under LINKS.
Also a BIG welcome to our blogsite

Marty N.

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