Monday, December 18, 2006

More on Kenny Routledge...

Hi Marty,

I also remember when Kenny Routledge got shot.I had heard it was a hunting accident.Probably a cover up story.

I lived two doors from Caters then Becks and then Chalmers store.We hung around that store a lot including Kenny.We used to tease the heck out of him and he would try and run and catch us.He couldn't because of his operation after the bullet shot.It slowed him right down.It was so much fun. I think he had a nick name.Hawker.

I often wonder how he and his wife Carol are doing.I think they ended up living in Gratton Lake for awhile.

Take care Ellen Stone

Thanks Ellen,
Maybe some one can give us an update On Kenny. I think one of the Tombs boys got shot in the leg. Again it was an accident

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