Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Christmas Eve in Georgia

My Christmas Eve in Georgia.

Once again, the neighbors of Devon Drive worked together
welcoming visitors into the neighborhood to enjoy the
lights and luminaries on Christmas Eve. .
This year the truck was filled again with dog and cat
food, cookies, cat litter, blankets, 2 dog/cat carriers
and many other goodies for the Humane Society .
Also $445.71 in cash was collected.
What an amazing lot of donations!

When I said,
"You don't have to pay to drive through. Just enjoy,"
the same answer always was, "Yes we know,
but this neighborhood sends so much enjoyment
out to others, so we would like to make a
money donation to the Humane Society."

So many drove by saying, "Thank you to all the families
of Devon Drive for sharing and making this annual event
a most delightful night to remember."
Many said the drive thru was now on their
"Special Joys of Sharing Christmas" list.

PS....What a pleasant evening it was for me.

Daisy, my bear Miss Alexandria were the greeters along with me at the top of the street as I collected the donations for the Humane Society.
Many children got out of their car just to give Daisy a hug, she loved every moment of it as she is friendly just like a therapy dog.
I was surprised how many did bring their dogs on the drive, also a few so happy showing me their dogs telling me their adopted it from the Humane Society. Many just walked around the horseshoe street and sang carols.
Down the road my grandson standing outside his home handed out 240 candy canes, next year they will have to buy more. So many happy children in their cars yelling Merry Christmas it would even make the Grinch smile.
What a wonderful evening for many.

Today before the food was to be delivered Daisy was soooooooo busy checking out all the goodies.


Thanks Bev V.

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