Friday, December 22, 2006

News From Greenfield Park and it's charitable citizens


We would like to wish everyone who visits the blog a very Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year. It has been a lot of fun taking photos of the
Park's houses and other events over the past year.

John and Doreen Riley

We the members of the Greenfield Park Historical Society would like to
send everyone our best wishes. We would again like to thank all of you for
the support you have given us.

John Riley, Paul Boudreau, John McConachie, Normand Simard and Holman


The Greenfield Park Christmas baskets were delivered on Tuesday morning
of this week. The dedicated organizing committee included people like Ross
Morley, Charlie Clark, Andy Walters, Archie Cameron, Mary Boudreau, Bob
Myles, Wade Wilson, Bob Demmick, Frank Reid, Debbie Munn, Syd Jones,
George Sweeney, Richard Teague and Scott Mackenzie.

The people who wrapped the toys for the children on Sunday were Nancy
Dunlop, Monique Fortier, Denise Martineau, Doreen Riley, Leigh Bulmer,
Mary Boudreau and Betty Menary.

About 52 people contributed their time to deliver the baskets all
around the town. It was a really well coordinated event with vans coming into the
old fire station from the football field side of the building and exiting
from the Churchill side. There were teams of volunteers loading the
vehicles, some carrying the boxes of tin goods, while others put in a turkey, two
bags of potatoes, a box of fresh vegetables, toiletries or toys if the
delivery going out contained young children.

Most vehicles left with at least
four deliveries to make. As each van or truck returned for another load, the
volunteers in the vehicles could step out and grab a delicious bagel
from Brossard Bagel, a tasty doughnut donated by Krispy Kreme, or a cup of
hot chili contributed by Scotyz bar. There were also cups of steaming
coffee or soft drinks for the volunteers who had about a five minute wait while
their cars were being loaded.

Then they were off to some street in the Park
to deliver the much needed Christmas help. As one of the many who
delivered to the houses and apartments, I got to see the appreciation on the faces of those who received a basket. We really got to experience the true
meaning of Christmas thanks to the hard work of the committee and generosity of the countless donors. At the end of it all everyone returned to the fire
station for a slice or two of pizza donated by Alex Pizza and Duo Pizza.

The Christmas Basket Fund Committee would like to thank any of you
living outside the Park who sent a generous contribution to help those in need
in your old home town, and hope you'll do the same again next year.

More photos of the whole process taken by Ross Morley will appear soon.

John R.

Thanks John for all your work to bring a little of our hometown to us that live elsewhere and I hope you and your family have a peaceful Christmas.


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