Friday, December 22, 2006

A walk leads to a story

The time again has come to share another SHORT!!! story about my

A few days a week I do enjoy volunteering at Magnolia Manor a home for
the elderly, yes.... full of fun adults.
My car being in for a repair today I decided to walk home...7 miles.
Most of the walk was on sidewalks, it was a nice day so at 10:30 I
started out on my long walk home.

My first stop on the side of the road was by a wooden cross, seeing a
branch of flowers I picked them placing them on the cross thinking
about what had happen to this person.
Walking by wild palm trees growing on the road side started me
Thinking about the children at the church who before Palm Sunday make palm
crosses. Walking on I enjoyed seeing so many berry trees and wild

Just after walking over the train tracks coming from the large navy
base I walk by "Crooked River Elementary School," where my
grandchildren had gone many years ago. Then walking pass the "McIntosh Sugar Mill
Ruins," I decided to walk in a little way, a wonderful interesting old
ruins to take family or wedding photos.

On and on I walked with many more miles to go.
SEE, I'm not wearing my hiking boots or have my hiking stick, just
Shoes and a old pine stick I thought I would carry...for protection if I see
a snake or alligator. Ha-ha.

From a distance I could see something on the sidewalk, I though maybe
someone had falling off their bike...but to my surprise it was outdoor
gardening tools that the workers had just dropped before going for
lunch. A few minutes later after seeing many handsome large cones that
are nice to use for craft's I seen the van and trailer coming back with
State prisoners. In St. Marys the prisoners do all the road side
cleaning. On and on I walked, starting to get a little tired I eat my
apple to give me strength to hike on.

Walking by "Kings Bay Navy Submarine Base," I took a picture of the
large in the ground submarine display.... hoping no one would arrest a
Canadian lady just out for a walk.
Many wonderful small but interesting things to see on my walk even the
garbage on the side of the road was at times interesting to check out.

THEN the scene I could not believe I was seeing it was a (NATIVITY
Scene in a shelter) comment.

O.K. I have to comment ... If you need to move or need a shelter call
NOW!!! is not anything sacred any more??? Or I'm just getting old and

On I walked till about a mile away from home when my son in law seen my daughter had him out looking for me, he drove me the rest
of the way.....that a good thing Martha would say.

Friday Miss Daisy and I will be going to Magnolia Manor to hand out
sugar-free candy canes....I will be driving there and back.

That all for now...thanks for taking the time to read my short email
And putting up with all the pictures.



PS.....Last night I really had a good sleep.

Thanks Bev V.

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