Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Winter Memory

A Winter Memory:

Here is Poncho one of my Chihuahua's I had when we lived on Empire
street. He is trying out for a job pulling Santa's sleight. Ha-ha

Sorry picture not very clear, in the back ground of the sleight Darla
and Ann are making a few snow men, also you can see part of the back
yard skating rink my Tom and Danny made.

We really did enjoy our wonderful large back yard on Empire Street: so
many fun event's, great place for the children to play, large vegetable
garden in the summer, winter fun, a pool, many Chihuahua, a Great Dane,
then a Airedale had plenty of room to run, parties, then a marvelous
wedding reception.

Oh! The good old days on Empire Street, how blessed we were.


Thanks Bev V.

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