Thursday, January 25, 2007

1065 Victoria Ave

Ok, now it's my turn with the help of Normand taking a picture of the house on 1065 Victoria.

The picture he took of the house with the two doors was the building where my mom and dad, Lillian and Walter Alexander lived after they were married. I had told him how my dad at that time they lived there raised and sold rabbits to his fellow workers he was a steam fitter at the C.N.R. yards in the Point.

My dad was a wonderful repair man and worker like many years ago many had to be. He could build or repair anything, I can't remember if it was my dad who built the rabbit house that later may have been turned into a chicken house. But, I do remember my dad telling me he had done a lot of work for the lady who own the house.

One day while walking by the house with my dad he stopped by to say hello to the lady, I can't really remember what age I was. She was out in her green house just at the side near the back of the house, she called inviting us in. In we went..... plants were every were... in my eyes it looked like a jungle, one I seen took me by surprise as it was the biggest cactus in my young life had every seem, it went up the wall then over the top of the ceiling in the hot house to the other side.

The lady told me how this cactus was the last thing her daughter had given her before her passed away at a young age. She said the plant helped her to feel closer to her young daughter. I remember at the time feeling so sad for her only having a plant and not her daughter.
I remember many times my dad would tell me stories about working at the C.N.R. and all the pranks the men would play on each other, also how at times the men who purchase the rabbits from him after he had killed and skinned them would tease him saying, are you sure they are rabbits and not cats. Ha-ha

When I went into the information on street names in..... Do You Remember.....St. Lambert, the names I found from the year 1935 on Woodstock to Devonshire had an address 805 and the name by the address was Walter Alexander.......that's my dad's name. From what I also see they also call it...Bute Ave.
Looks like years ago that address 1065 Victoria was 805 and 1067 was 807 with the name as occupant was John Verinchook at 807 and Walter Alexander at 805.
I now wonder if this was the house Richard Werenchuck was talking about. I wonder if the house belong to John Verinchook and later was sold to the Werenchuck family ??? where his wonderful hard working grandmother live. Ha-ha

PS Every day is like a big treasure hunt for many of us .


Thanks Bev V.
I think Richard can she some light here...

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