Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Outlook

Why, I don’t knowBut a warm, happy glow Suffuses my spirit like wine.
I secretly think That '07 won't stink--And it might even turn out divine!
I’m embarrassed a bit But I have to admit That my mood is beyond just contented.
I’m feeling so happy, So hopelessly sappy, I’m close to the edge of demented.
Oh, sure there will be A problem or three,
A headline or two that's depressing,
Our pants will get tighter Our wallets get lighter,
Our jobs will be just as distressing.
It’s likely we’ll get Somewhat further in debt, There’ll be plenty of graft and corruption.Our leaders will dither,Our stock funds may wither.
There could be volcanic eruptions.
And yet… we can bet That whenever we getAll upset about one of these issues, Some stranger or friend Will be willing to lend Us a shoulder, an ear or some tissues --
And with that bit of care And a gentle “there, there!”We will feel just as light as a feather.(One simply can’t measureThe level of pleasure
There is in just being together!)
We don’t get to choose Our luck or our news, But love is a marvelous thing --So it looks like a year Of good spirits and cheer,
Whatever the coming months bring!

Thanks Millie

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