Friday, January 12, 2007

A&P Parking lot Dances

Marston I certainly do remember the dances at the A & P parking lot! I looked forward to those dances while primping for hours to have my DA stand up just right. DA was the name of a short hair style worn by many teenage girls at that time. The DA was affectionately, referred to as a duck's ass because that is what it resembled after the hair had been swept up with a wet brush and then sprayed so that it would stay put.

While girls did dance together when the boys couldn't muster up the courage to ask us to dance, I have fond memories of dancing with many a young man to the Everley Brothers "Wake up little Susie". and of course Bill Hayleys " Rock around the Clock" .

However there was often an impediment to my dancing the night away with the boys!. My father drove for Arrow Taxi each night after dinner, after having driven a truck all day around Montreal, I might add.

He never failed to arrive at the dance at least once during the night He would drive his cab up as close to the dancers as possible. It appeared to me that he was able to part the crowd of on-lookers with the nose of his car.

And there he sat with his headlights shining on the dancers with his eyes checking to see if his young daughter was indeed where she said she would be and that she wasn't dancing with any boys. I always managed to have such a good time dancing my feet off all the while watching for that dreaded Arrow Taxi dome light.

When I saw his cab approaching I learned to subtly move away from my male partner and grab the nearest girlfriend and pretend that I had been dancing with her all along. If my father caught on he never mentioned it. Those were carefree innocent days and I am happy to have them in my memory bank.
Donna Galletti

Thanks Donna,
Great memories.
I hope we can have more great stories like this…

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