Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daniel Sends his Regards to All GPKer's

Hi all,

I was surfing the WWW and came across your E-Mail addresses. I found it kind of ironic that after several decades of living in Ottawa I was thinking of those GPKers that I knew when I grew-up and lived in Greenfield Park from 1947 to 1965 at 80 Empire Street, which was renumbered to 432 in the early sixties. The Fosters next door initially built the house and my dad bought right away. The house was a Cape Cod model and a cement fence surrounded the property with large pyramid-like caps at each post. We also had an in-ground pool at the back. The whole thing was sort of overkill in consideration of the properties that surrounded ours. The Fosters also had an in-ground pool.

Anyways, how are all of you. For those of you who knew me, or of me, back then, I’ve missed you so. Often times over the years I have though of those who touched my life as I was growing-up and just seeing your names conjures-up so many surreal memories; the antics, the conflicts, the fun, the dancing and romancing, the gangs, Snyder’s, the Community Centre, street dances, hockey (on outdoor rinks or on the street), football, baseball at the Park. We were certainly quite the bunch.

My immediate neighbours were the Fosters, the Tomalties, the Boards, the McCourts, the Rimmers, the Tombs, the Kabukis, the Benjafields, the McDougals, the Hollingdrakes and a few others whose names escape me at the moment. Some of my other good friends included Ross Morley, Bob McFetridge, Doug Minary, my cousins Michel and Percy Lavoie, Sheila Fry, Ann Ball, Heather Hubbard, Lorraine Daws, Karen Cobb, Gerry Clinton, John Riley, André Phaneuf, Barry Hollingdrake, Burn Baers, Ralph Rattry, Arthur and Tony Iannone, Wayne Antle, Pierre Duhamel, Pierre Hénault, Robert Brown, Wayne Kabuki and many others who were either teamates, classmates or fellow adventurers.

I certainly hope I hear from some of you and exchange some wonderful memories of growing-up in GPK. I drove by the old house a few years ago while we were passing though and showed my four-year old son (yes I know…) my old neighbourhood. Benjamin is eight now and plays hockey at the Novice A level.

Speak with you soon.


Daniel (Danny, etc.)

Thanks Daniel Chamaillard
Great to hear from you…

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