Thursday, January 25, 2007

Guess that Flower Now has a Name

The name of the flower that you were asking about is
amaryllis. That one is called apple blossom there are lots of different

Your Amarylis Bellidona is beautiful. We used to get a new one every Christmas when they were about to come into bloom and then plant it about march in the garden. Very few of them seemed to come up just like the other lillies and gladiolas
After a few years we discovered we were giving the deer their favourite winter snacks when we spotted one rooting the bulbs up and snarfing them down.
Have a great day
Doug G

Marston, This is an Amaryllis. Nice to see flowers once again.
Margaret W.

Hi Marty,

The flower on the long stem is an Amaryllis


Hi Marty.........As you can see the name of this flower (plant) is an Amaryllis........Ralph & Millie B. gave it to us as a bulb - We stuck it in some earth and it seemed to start growing immediately and quickly!! I started to think about "Jack and the Beanstock" because it was getting so high so quickly!!

Win S.

Thanks Everyone
It’s fun to do the Guess the plant thing in the winter

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