Thursday, January 25, 2007

IRS Scam

Hi Marty,

I am a member of SCAMBUSTERS and this is the latest alert that I received. It does not affect Canadians. Taxpayers here are fully aware that computers are far to complex for our Federal Employees to operate and therefore an email from them must either be a joke or a scam.

Bob H

How to Recognize and Avoid the IRS Audit Scam

IRS and other tax-related scams are going to increase as next
April 16 draws near. Just like the weather, scams change
with the seasons; a common tax-related scam is the fake IRS
audit email.

The scammer's goal is to obtain your personal and financial
information by pretending the IRS is contacting you about an
impending audit.

How it works

You receive an official-looking email, supposedly from the
IRS. The email states that the IRS is auditing you and that
you must complete and return the attached questionnaire. If
you do not respond within 48 hours, the message says, you will
face penalties and interest.

As you can probably guess, the questionnaire asks for personal
and financial information, such as your Social Security number
and bank account numbers.

Another variation on this IRS audit scam is a link in the body
of the email that will direct you to a fake IRS website. There
you will be asked to input confidential information.

This email is a type of phishing scam. We described how to
protect yourself from phishing scams here:

The fake IRS audit email is such a serious issue that the IRS
has posted a warning on its official website.
Thanks Bob H.

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