Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mick O'Grady's Folkcafe

Mick O'Grady, Folkcafé

196 rue Churchill,
Greenfield Park, Québec, J4V 2M4

http://www.mickogrady.com/ http://www.mickogrady.com/
Tel: 450-671-5233>

Hello everyone,
Happy new year to one and all from Folkcafé!

Our first attempt to use our email list was problematic.
So we are sending a reminder to be sure all of you who registered their
emails at the café. We encourage you to cc other people in your address books
(especially folks on the South Shore) who may be interested in knowing
about concerts and other art events/activities being held at Folkcafé.
These people can email us at folkcafe@sympatico.ca and we will add them to
our list.

So far, we’ve booked Jon Brooks, The Echo Hunters, and Penny Lang (See
Details below) and we may have other things to announce in the coming

And don’t forget that every Monday 19h30 there is a knitting/club
There is also an embroidery workshop being given by Kathleen Menzies
Sunday Jan 28, 1PM-4PM. All materials and tools required for future projects
are included for $50.

Other music and fabric art activities/workshops are being held at the
café; let us know if you’re interested in a particular activity.

Important info for those interested in concerts:

We are asking people to reserve tickets because we have room for 50-60
people. We might try to schedule additional shows once we’re around
50 people or tell other folks who would otherwise come that we’re full.
Also bear in mind that some artists will be traveling a long way to play.

Once you’ve reserved, please let us know in advance if you cannot

Details for upcoming shows:

Jon Brooks-Singer Songwriter (Toronto)
Sat 20 Jan, 2007,19h30.
Tickets $10.00

The Echo hunters
Sat 27 Jan 19h30
www.echohunters.com http://www.echohunters.com/
Tickets $10.00

Penny Lang
Ven 13, 2007, 19h30.
www.pennylang.com http://www.pennylang.com/
Tickets $20.00

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