Sunday, January 07, 2007

Royal George Pic (Some names added)

Here's another one from Royal George. I am the lovely nearsighted one in the front. Of course, this was BEFORE my parents discovered my myopia. It was probably right after viewing this photo that they said "hey she looks like she can't see very well, maybe we should have her eyes checked."
This was either the 2nd grade or 3rd grade. I came to California at the end of 5th grade.
Next to me is David Chandler, Penny Tomalty is the one with the missing teeth.....Jean Jolly is behind her....not really sure of the other children's names but maybe some one else can help.

Best regards.

Sharon Hollingdrake

Thanks for sharing this one with us Sharon

Sorry best I can do.... I think the boy to the left of Sharon is Wayne Eva and the boy behind and between Sharon and David is Fred Goodall..

Thanks Ralph B.

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