Friday, January 26, 2007

School Pic (Correction)

Hi Marston

I should have b een more specificit is the photo of the old catholic school The girl 3rd row down annd 3rd from left I beleive is Jane Gunn she had two brothers George and Fred they lived on Churchill
Hey Marston i took another look at photoSame row as Jane Gunn 3rd from right is George Gunn Top row on David Snyders left i beleive is Fred Gunn.

Thanks Terry T,

I hope that's the right pic...

Hey Marston, sorry for the screwup here's what happened I get many hits on my site from your blog last weeek I had a hit from BC when I went on the blog came up I did not realize it was OCT 06 the picture I saw was The Catholic Chapel School 1944


Thanks Terry

I think I got the right pic this time

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