Friday, January 05, 2007

St. Hubert AFB Dances

Anyone who ever attended these great events could not possibly forget.....Held in the largest aircraft hanger on the base, with all of 5,000 people in attendance, with three bands playing at any one time, half a chicken for everyone with all the trimmings....always sprinkled with a few idiots that were eventually sorted out, not to return to the festivities.

Reading what JMc had to say reminded me of a funny moment that occurred at one of those dances "way back when" in the early '60's. Some of you reading this will no doubt, remember my brother in law Ralph (Chase) Sundborg (who unfortunately passed away last Feb.). One New Years Eve happened to be particularly cold and most of the cars parked outside the hanger would not start. Ralph, being the kind of guy he was, was out there helping just about anyone who need assistance.......He would help push and when the car started he would hop on the back and get the short lift back to the hanger........Well, as everyone knows, there is always an idiot in the group, when this guys car gets started he decides to take a trip down the long aircraft runway to warm up his car not knowing that Ralph is hanging on by his finger nails all the way down the runway and back to the hanger.....I think it took until spring for Ralph to totally thaw out!!

Man.....the things you remember......AHHHH the good old days!!!!

Win Swinwood

Thanks Win S.

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