Friday, February 16, 2007

A Day in Georgia with Bev.

Hope you all had a nice Valentines Day.
Here is how two ex-parkers enjoyed their day in Georgia.

My daughter Darla in picture P2080056 and I organized the little party
for the seniors at Magnolia Manor.
They really seam to enjoy having their photo taken with my big bear
Alexandria. I brought many of my hats, gloves, scarf's and a fan for
The ladies to have fun with, also my late husbands hat for the men to put
On for their photo. The sure had fun with the hats....lots of laughs.
I took about 30 pictures.

After photo time we gave them a small craft to do, then a game to see
who could remember 10 romantic movies. Then came sundae's with
chocolate syrup, a cherry on top and a pink drink with a strawberry.
After singing a few love songs they walked away happy talking about how
they enjoyed their Valentines party.

Tomorrow my dog Miss Daisy is going with me to deliver their pictures.


Thanks Bev V.

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