Monday, February 19, 2007

Devonshire Road (July 1971)

Hello Marston,
Me again, and keeping to the cat theme. I just came across an old
picture of our Michael taken in your back yard on Devonshire (July1971). Your
Mom was there and she said "you'd better take a picture of him standing
because nobody will believe you that he was walking at 10 months old". I see
one of your Mom's Siamese cats in the background tied to a long cord.

next two pictures are of your Mom, of course, pretty lady, Michael and a
neighbour girl from down the road and the other, just Michael and your Mom. It
was really nice living next door to you. Your Mom and I had a lot of good
laughs together. I couldn't have been living in between two better
neighbours than the Henry's and the North's. As a new bride. your Mom
and Mrs. Henry both helped me out many times with good cooking advice.


Thanks Margaret for the Kind words

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