Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Father Bob

Hi Folks,

The story behind this postcard is a little long so please bear with me.

In 1992 I was GM of a major firm in Etobicoke and travelled the QEW twice daily. One evening rush hour traffic was particularly bad so, since Pat was working til 9:00 pm, I thought what the heck I'll have supper here. I pulled into my favourite watering hole and sat at one of the tables, rather than the bar.

I was dressed in black dress pants, a white turtleneck, and a heavy bottle green sweater. I am a large man with a Teddy bear build.

I ordered my meal, had two beer, and decided to head off. I asked for my bill and when the waitress brought it she brought me another beer.

I said " Sorry, but I didn't order that." The waitress says "Its from that gentleman behind you". I looked, didn't know him, said "Thank you". and enjoyed the beer.

A few minutes passed and a 73 year old gentleman (I know that because he told me) swaggered over, inebriated ( uh pissed). He says "Excuse me Father (did I hear him right? Father?). "Uh, sir I am not a Priest', I reply.

"Its OK Father, we don't care if you have a beer", says he. "But I'm not", say I. That's OK Father".......... I give up.

As I am leaving the Old Boy says, "Will you bless us Father". What the hell ... I'll give a try. I bless all four at the table and beat my ass out of there. By the time I reach the car I am hysterical with laughter.

I call my sister Rosalyn, who is Catholic (I am Protestant) and the Secretary at St. Mary's in Greenfield Park. Both of us are are giddy with laughter.

A few weeks later I while visiting The Park I go to St. Mary's to pick up Roz. I walk into the sanctuary, there is Father Marc at the alter, he sees me, raises his arms and shouts "Father Bob".

Now for the card. I have moved to a new home and we are in the throws of remodeling, I have fallen down the stairs and hurt my ankle. Father Marc and Rosalyn have gone to visit the Vatican.... this card arrives at my place.

Bob H

Thanks Bob

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