Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fort Chambly

Marty, the pic that Ivan Rhoades sent in of Fort Chambly twigged my memory back to times when our extended family on my fathers side would go to the fort for a summer picnic once a year. Although there was not a real beach we were able to swim in the Richelieu near the fort.

On one such picnic I almost blew the day for the whole group when, against my mother's warning not to go in the water without running shoes, I disobeyed her, went in shoeless and promptly stepped on a piece of broken glass which put a big gash on the underside of one big toe requiring 6 stitches to close it up.

It was not a pleasant day for me. First ,my uncle had to take me to the hospital to get fixed up,then I spent the rest of the day watching everyone else enjoying themselves while I hobbled around on one good foot and not being able to sit down properly because of a sore butt end where my father had whacked me for disobeying my mother. The attached is a shot from one of those picnics(circa 1946-47),not necessarily the one mentioned above.

Thanks John McC.
I do remember those butt warming days as well..

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