Monday, February 26, 2007

From the Parker Porkbarrel News Room

Dear Marty,

What a day today. My wife went off to Brantford to visit with my cousin Dr. Amber Smith, my friend Ralph's doctors squeeze. Anyway, my sons came over and caught me writing The Parker Porkbarrel News. Right away I thought "Uh-Oh, rubber room time". Oh no they wanted to play, be a part of MY FUN... unbelievable... can't even let their old man enjoy his computer.

"Gee Dad, if you did it this way it would be faster". Hey Dad why not call his grandfather Igor".

They ticked me off so much I finally told them to "F@#% O$$ and get your own friends".

My question is; "Do you think I was too possessive? Do you think they would steal my friends and I would be all alone? Would I have to take my Mexican blanket and live on the streets of Toronto?

Worried in Burlington

Thanks Bob H.

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