Monday, February 26, 2007

GFPK History

Marty,I thought that with the rich history of GFPK residents participating in both World Wars, and The Korean Conflict, that the following story which appeared in Sat. Ottawa Citizen newspaper, would have some resonance with your subscribers. Joe Shkwarek,at 17 years of age signed up in 1939 for the war so that he could get a pair of boots,and stayed for the duration including fighting in the vicious Italian campaign.

After the war he signed on with the RCAF and retired 25 years later in Ottawa where he had raised his family. Prior to his death on Thurs past Mr. Shkwarek had made all the plans for his funeral including his own obituary.

The unique thing was that he had set aside $700.00 for the obit because it included a poem and a quiz to determine the author of the poem. By the way the poem has been used by Ann Landers ,American Public Radio and thousands of websites. The author of the poem was A. Lawrence Vaincourt,a quebec -based journalist and author or 3 books of poetry and prose. The poem is attached

Thanks John McC.

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