Monday, February 12, 2007

GPK Colts with Guess the Names..?

Marty, Wayne Robbins' note re Ron Smith and George MacDonald prompted me to run to the scrap book and to send you these two photos from my Colts collection. But first both Ron and George were two of the founders of the Colts and members of the Board of Directors, George also doubled as team General Manager.

Fred Knight, the other coach in my brother Ken's photo also moved up and became, I think , ass't trainer. Photo #1 is a shot from the first ever spring training camp for the Colts( May 1966) and my question to your subscribers is--can anyone name the player hitting the tackle dummy? and photo #2 is a team shot of the 1967 team and again can people out there name the players/officials?

The most notable achievement, I think, about the Colts is that the concept was first broached at the Cedars Bar in St Bruno in the fall of 1965 and 10 months later we played our first game with a fully equipped team of 30+ players and money in the bank. Just another example of a bunch of Parkers getting together over a barley sandwich ,deciding to do something and then going out and getting it done. JMcC

Thanks John McC.
Let’s see who can guess the names here

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