Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great Pics from Quebec City

Hello Marston.

Odette and I were in Qu├ębec City on the week-end. Her for a company roadshow and me along for the ride. While the better-half was working away the afternoon, I spent my time out and about. I parked the car down in Basse-Ville (lower town) and started a 3-1/2 hour trek around the Citadelle and the Old City. The Sun was out, -3° and a bit of a breeze from the north. I walked about 7Km. After the walk was over I went to a Sports bar called "Le Stanley" , missed the hockey game but had a few quarts watching golf and waiting for the "pick me up cell phone-call".

Photos of interest attached.

QC1- Uphill start

QC2- Porte St-Jean - Skating Rink - Capitol Theatre on left

QC2a- Zamboni Time

QC3- Outdoor hockey rink

QC4- United Church

QC5- Chateau Frontenac fronm the Citadelle

QC6- Mighty St-Lawrence River

QC7- From Citadelle looking towards Plaines D'Abraham

QC8- Promenade in Front of Citadelle

QC9- Promenade at Chateau Frontenac - Charlevoix mountains in back

QC10- Promenade ice slide

QC11- Promenade at Chateau Frontenac

QC12 -13-14 Setting up ICE RACE TRACK (For Crazy Frenchmen)

QC15-16-17 Walkabout pictures

QC19- Faubourg St-Jean


Thanks Ivan R.
Great pics and memories

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