Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Guess Who?? (Answers)

Can any body guess who the girls in the picture are ?? The year is 1957

Thanks Sandy R.
I hope we get some names here..
Hi Marty,

FYI the gals in the picture are Front to Back , Left to right

Joan Wilson, Freda Goldthorpe, Carol Massey, Suzanne Newbury

Brenda Fielding, Heather Brooker

Roberta Penney, Marilyn Kilpatrick

Let's see who can guess them


Hi Marston;

My guess for your "Guess Who" photo on 13 Feb is:

Top Left - Roberta Penney
Middle Left - Brenda Fielding
Front Left - Joan Wilson
Front Middle - Freda Goldthorp

No guesses for the others.

John P.

Thanks Folks

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