Saturday, February 03, 2007

Heather (Brooker) Collier

Hi Marston,
Your blog is just great, it brought back many memorable moments. I now know how Carol k. found out Sandra S. was looking for me. I almost feel famous.
Myrle K lives just around the corner from us now. Mary R. Lives just - up from her. So I am very fortunate to have very (hate the word old) friends close by. Thanks to Sandra I have been in touch with two more friends from Royal George, Bev & Jean. This is all thanks to you. Keep up the good work.
Heather (Brooker) Collier

Hi me again,
I used to live on Murray just above St. Charles, Get out your grade 6 school pic's I was sitting between Gailanne and Carol. Mr. canes was our teacher. you were in the back row along w/ Trevor, Peter, Ross David, Ralph, Derrick. How is that for memory?
Only kidding have the pic sitting in front of me. Sure you can post the last note. This one too if you like.
There was a store that sold cig's & candy just above third line on Empire If my memory serves me correctly. and you bought smokes and we all put our money (guides & scouts) dues in for them . If I'm not mistaken they were black cat in a blue and black label. I dam near choked. I still smoke to this day. Bev, David & me and I think there were others but can"t for the life of me remember who.

Hello blog visitors. These are two e-mails that Heather exchanged with me today. This is a result of Sandy R. putting up Heather’s pic on our blog now I have another friend from my past.


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