Saturday, February 10, 2007

Looking For a Good Home

Hi Marston,

I wonder if you would put the following on the Blog.

Last Thursday I took our youngest son, Jarad to the Montreal Children's
Hospital for an allergy test. Jarad has had severe eczema since he was
A baby. He is almost 4 now.

We received the heartbreaking new that he is allergic to both cats and
dogs which in turn is not helping his eczema.

As such, we now need to find new homes for our pets. We have two left
that still need to find a good home

The black cat is Ally who is 5 years old and in good health. She has
always lived with a dog and children, although I would recommend her
for a home with older kids since she might get stressed if a small child
were constantly pulling her tail. She is fixed and her vaccinations are up
to date. She is a friendly cat, but does tend to hide when strangers come

The orange cat, Morris, is more of a mystery since he only arrived
Here last May. His age in not known, but he is not a kitten. He is fixed
and in good health. He has not been vaccinated by us since we usually take
the animals to the vet in May. He is a very friendly cat, loves cats,
dogs, kids, and all people. I don't think an elephant would phase him.

If anyone knows of a possible home for either one, you can contact us
at: We live in Greenfield Park, but anywhere on
the south Shore or Montreal area we could drive to.

Thanks and please keep us in your prayers as this is a difficult time
For the family.

Sherri T.
Thanks Sherri..
I hope we can find a good home for your pets..

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