Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Memories from Ivan R.

The talk about Grand Trunk and Smiley stables bring back some old memories. When we lived on Charron in LeMoyne we always went to St-Lambert Elementary using the direct route. Through the sawdust pile on St-Louis, down the tracks past Upper Edison and the swamp( where the Jones boys hung out). Then cross over the main line tracks near Grand Trunk and come out behind Smiley stables and down Notre - Dame to school.

Later when we lived in St-Lambert on Upper Birch. My friend and sometimes classmate Jimmy S. and others used to sneak across the tracks with some gerry cans on Friday night and get a gas donation from the Barber Cartage trucks parked on thier lot on Grand Trunk. Of course the donation from was used to keep us close to home crusing up and down Victoria and the Village.


Thanks Ivan R.

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