Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Information about GPK Homes


Ross has sent in info on houses that contained none.


Hi John,Just looking at the park blog and noticed 4 houses with no names.
I'll fill you in on these.

#2065 was Andy Harpers house. He married Agnes Morley and my Dad
Jimmy Morley helped build this house. I think he once owned the land it was
built on.

#2066 was the Smithman's house. I don't know who lived
there in the 20's but the Smithmans were there when I grew up. Bruce Rattray
lived on one side and Johnny and Danny McKenna on the other.
#2064 was the
house that Velta Verners father built. Velta now lives on Vercheres, her
married name Gaboury. I used to bang nails in the wood foundation when
Velta's brothers Walter and Johnny were helping their father build it.

was the house Douggie St.James used to live in. Mrs. Moore also lived in
this house. In front of the house all the older kids used to congregate in
front by the massive poplar tree and smoke cigarettes and so on. I'm
sure Herbie Meade, John McC, Marsten and that crowd would remember those
These older kids used to give us younger kids candies from Smith's store.
Maureen Brown lived next door also. P.S. Donna Savages (Mike) Mom is a Smithman. Hope this will help you
Ross Morley

Thanks Guys

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