Friday, February 23, 2007

Nascar Connection to Win S.

Hi Marty.....I don't know if you remember my late brother Ken, he would be 72 if he was still alive.....Anyway, his oldest son Craig is pretty well up the ladder at Harlequin and has the company involved in Nascar ....Carl Edwards, car 99 is sponsored by Office Depot and Harlequin and because of this connection he gets to every race, drinks and eats with the drivers, knows most of the pit crews etc. His youngest son Jack was with him at Daytona last weekend and the Fox Network had him do a spot for the junior viewers. I hope you can use your expertise and set it up for the blog!! Let me know. Later.....Win----

Not going to be able to do the BIG Carl Edwards interview this trip to Fontana but would like to schedule something in a month or so…once my schedule slows down a bit…(I have a soft launch of a new channel Monday)…so I’ll look at the NASCAR Schedule and maybe suggest a place…worst case could be when the Cup comes back to Cali at the end of the summer

Jack’s clip is currently on the NASCAR Section of FOX ( )....It’s called ‘Kid calls Fontana’…see screen grab below….you can watch it there…
or if he wants to send it to his friends you can watch it independently here… …cut and paste into a browser or Control click and it will play for you…

Thanks Win S.

Click on the second Link to see Jack do the kids view point

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