Saturday, February 03, 2007

Noreen Needs Our Help

Hi Marston:

I was hoping someone on the blog can help us out with this one........

My daughter recently moved to Hinchinbrooke, and is having problems with raccoons.
They had 3 in the attic, they managed to get them out and blocked up the area they were getting in, all was well for a few weeks.
They are back - this time there are 5 of them - they are pulling the siding off the house and 3 of them managed to get back in.
She called the town hall (Huntington) however they do not have animal control.
She has been looking for cages to trap them, but they are very expensive.

Any ideas will be welcome.

Thanks, take care,
Noreen Toner

Does anyone have any suggestions for Noreen??

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