Saturday, February 24, 2007

Normands Relief Fund has Started from Georgia USA

OK...I could not let that sad story go by, I will donate a few dollars
also a little help for Normand with my Kermit.

Dear Miss Piggy,

Living down south I hired Miss Alexandria to find out just who put the
beret on Normand...she is now dressed in her undercover outfit and hot
on the trail, this is no laughing matter.
Miss Daisy with her one ear up trying to hear just who did tamper with
the picture is also going alone to help.
When and if she does find out she is going to email her male dog
Friends to go over and help spray a few fire hydrants, but not on BIG RED.

Later in the day.
This is what Miss Alexandria and Miss Daisy found out:

The reason someone put the beret on Normand in the picture is.....the
picture he sent looked like a painting done by a famous old French
artist who putting a beret in his paintings was his signature.
This is why my dear Miss Piggy......Many do care so much for Normand
And his french heritage they strongly ordered a beret be added to Normand's
wonderful picture as it was as good as a painting done by the famous
French artist.

Don't worry I have taking care of their services.
Miss Alexandria just wanted was a bottle of Dubonnet the grand aperitif
De France and a few lemons.
All Miss Daisy wanted was a few dog cookies and a beret, I took care of
All their mother wanted was a free trip to France...I told her to dream
on. Ha-ha.

Hugs from Kermit,

Your cool and handsome french lover.

Thanks Bev V.
I’m not sure I follow this one

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