Sunday, February 18, 2007

Old Painting F M Bell

Hi Marty,

The attached oil painting came from my great grandfathers estate. It hung on my great aunts wall for years. When Eva died my mom inherited all here possessions, which included this painting.

Some years ago I removed it from the original frame and Pat put something else in its place. Yesterday she was going through an old box and found the painting. I decided to do a search on the net and found an FM Bell-Smith which this appears not to be however, it is signed FM Bell and is very similar to many of Bell-Smith's works.

I now have an art specialist working to determine whether or not it is a Bell-Smith but signed simply FM Bell. FM Bell-Smith (1846 -1923) was a very prominent British born Canadian painter.

If it turns out to be an FM Bell-Smith it will be quite valuable. Just goes to show you how we take things for granted. Guess I have to set it back in its original frame.

Bob H
Thanks Bob H.
I hope you can retire..

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