Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old Post Cards

Hi Marty,

Here are a couple of postcards from the 20's and 30's. I am really trying to understand the logistics and hardships of making these voyages. My great Aunt Eva and Uncle Bob made these trips, I'm sure with great hardship, yet they continued to make them without complaint.

I watched CNN today and listened to all those self-indulgent whiners complain about Jet Blue and being held on the runway for 8 hours. What a bunch of spoiled hateful B@#$T%&S they are today. Not one of them could have survived one day of life in 1929.

Can you imagine how they would whine driving to the docks in a 1928 Ford to meet a steamship and travel for 6 days to England, never mind the trip to Egypt and the inconvenience of sleeping in a bug infested room with no air conditioning and in the morning being picked up by some camel jockey.

These people need a reality check.

I will try to scan in Bob and Eva's daily itinerary sailing from Buenos Aires to New York.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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