Saturday, February 17, 2007

Open Letter to Normand and Big Red


Attached is an open letter to Normand. Apparently he missed the writing on the photo.

Lil Stubby has, over the years, had many daliances with hydrants who claim to be chaste.... all have fallen. I have enclosed a few pictures of those who, inspite of their insistance that they were not that kind of hydrant, spun their valves for Lil Stubby.

Normands 'Lil Red Tart will just be another wrench in Lil Stubby's main spigot.

Above are just a few of ‘Lil Stubby’s recent conquests. Some older some younger than Normand’s “Lil Red Tart. You will notice that they are of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds yet all have succumbed to ‘Lil Stubby’s charms.

When ‘Lil Red Tart sees the size of ‘Lil Stubby’s spigot welllll we all know what she will do.

So Normand you had better keep an eye on ‘Lil Red for the weekend.

Lil Stubby....!

Thanks Bob H.
Ok enough on the Hydants guys...!

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