Sunday, February 18, 2007

Peterborough Lift Lock

Hi Marty,

I thought it best to put an end to the hydrant controversey. So I appologize to Normand for mistaking his hydrant for for a girl. Of course if he had taken a full frontal shot of the Lil Red Tart, well what can I say, we all would have known. Unless he did and the main spigot is too small to see.

In another vein I would like to submit a picture of me so that Normand will recognize me at the reunion. This picture was taken at the World Famous Peterborough Lift Lock. I am kneeling in front of my manhole cover.

In the second photo you can read what is cast into the manhole cover, it reads Taylor Hydraulic Compressor Company Montreal Quebec. He was my mothers grandfather and a sub-contractor who designed and installed the hydraulic system for the locks.

The third photo is the sub-contractor list.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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