Monday, February 19, 2007

Richard Paints Cats 1976

Hi Marston,
Well, while looking at all those painted cats on the blog I had a flash
back to when Richard Hemingway Werenchuk was younger. It was before his
writing days, winter of 1976 to be exact. We had just moved out to the country
where we live now and during the day Richard had lots of stuff to keep
busy with ie. putting in plumbing, electricity, cutting fire wood and lots
of repairs to make the old house habitable. BUT.... when night came along
there really wasn't all that much to do.

We couldn't get too many channels on our 13" TV with having a metal roof and no aerial, plus Covey Hill blocking our signal coming from the States. Needless to say, one needed
to find amusing things to do in the evenings. We had a few cats and I
guess they got a bit bored of catching mice and were quite happy with any
kind of attention they got...... EVEN if it meant having to stay still while
Richard painted them up with the kids' markers. As you can see by the picture
I am including, the orange cat was the lucky one chosen that night to
receive a green nose and tattoos on the inside of his ears. He was quite
delighted to just sit there and purr during the whole episode. The other picture is
of Richard with all three cats on his lap contemplating just what form of
art work he would perform on them. I guess that's what you call "going
shack whacky"?

Margaret W.

Thanks Margaret Hemingway W.

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