Sunday, February 18, 2007

We lose two more Parkers


I have just come home fro Ottawa to learn that we've lost two good
friends - two Parkers in their 90s.

They are Frank Groves of Chambly QC and Harold Kipps of Mary Blvd.
These men were longtime friends in the Park.(I have a photo of them standing
beside each other on the Regent St. Bridge.) Both men were a great help to me
in my research for the book about Greenfield Park. In Frank's memories he
tells the story of an episode they had on the frozen St. Lawrence River about
75 years ago. I know that personally I will miss the two of them. I don't
have any details yet but I'm sure their funerals will be early next week.

I have also learned from Graham Macdonald that Fred Dobson, another
long-time Parker, is in the Charles LeMoyne Hospital, Room 187
recovering from two strokes. Our prayers go out to him, and hope he makes a
complete recovery.


Thanks John R.

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