Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blog and Internet

Hi Marty,

Just a brief note to let your fellow bloggers know how far reaching this site is. I checked out my email tonight and one was from a fellow by the name of Ransom. Like so many emails we receive I was prepared to delete his when I noticed the subject... Piche/ Taylor...... my ancestors.

I opened the email and lo and behold it was authentic... information he had seen on the Piche family on your blog as well as mine... none the less this internet thingy that we all take for granted, hell its a toy. NOT.

If you want information on yourself, if there is something unique, post it. Some one in cyberspce will find you at some time and send you information that is relative to your heritage.

Thanks Marty, just for being there, it worked for me.

Bob H

Thanks Bob

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