Saturday, March 03, 2007

John G. is concerned

Hello Marston !!!
How is your weather,,,they said on T.V. that you were getting hail and freezing rain !!
The southern u.s.a. had a bad time yesterday,,,and in the north eastern states the snow is piling up...Here in Beautiful Downtown Greenfield Park it's Winter Wonderland !!
We have received about 14",,,36 cm.,,,,the Skidoo types sure are happy !!
The Eastern Townships and Vermont are supposed to get 2 ft. or more,,,the ski hills will be full,,,they hope,,,and then there is the Apres-ski !! Hic !
Anyway,,,what's this Ed Norton visit all about,,,,the sewer?? I think you guys have your minds in the gutter,,,,so,,,nothing has changed in all these years !!,,,, keep-it up !!
And it is Ed Norton,,,right ??,,,I thought it may be Ed Thornton !! Usually when Ed gets together with us,,,all our heads are there,,,the gutter,,not the sewrer !!
Keep up the good work,,,and if you want some snow,,,we will send you some ( ups )
Take care !! john g.

Thanks John G.
Ya John I got snow, Ice, Sleet, & freezing rain but I’m Here And yes it is Ed Norton as Normand got his pardon and went home before I got here…

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