Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lapland Pics

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Site of Lapland
In a broad direction, Lapland (in Swedish Lapland, same Sápmi)
indicates the country of Saami. It is then a European boreal area, located at
the north of the Scandinavian peninsula (in the north of Norway and
Sweden), at the north of Finland and the north of the Cola peninsula in Russia.

In a direction more limited, Lapland is a historical province of
Sweden which, since 1809 when Finland was conquered by Russia, is divided
between Sweden and Finland.

Natural [to modify]
Lapland is located mainly beyond the Arctic Circle . The Northern
Cape is the most septentrional point of Europe (in fact, it is located on the
small island of Magerøya which is very close to the continent).

Lapland is classified on the list of the world inheritance as a
natural and cultural site since 1996 according to criteria's N (I) (II) and (III)
and C (III) and (IV). More precisely, the classified zone
940 000 hectares which cover spaces of migration of the reindeers.

Lappish landscape along Kungsleden in Sweden, between Tjäktja and
Sälka. August 2006.

Thanks Millie McG.
More pics will follow...

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