Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mackayville Town Hall Remembered

Hi Marty
I enjoyed Normand's pictures of the Mackayville Town Hall. We lived just down the street on George for many years. The police entertained youth in a basement gym there once a week for boxing and other sports. The coppers provided treats like chocolate milk paid for from their own pockets. I think that since it was the town's only building at the time it was used by all the departments. I recall lining up there to get Polio vaccine during an outbreak.
The volunteer fire crew was prominent in town because of the wooden construction and absence of strict building codes. I recall winter house fires involving loss of life. Old Quebec heaters with old pipes trying unsuccessfully to keep up against severe bouts of cold caused worry and grief.
It was a poorer place than GPK for sure but rich too in its sense of community.
Thanks for the memory, Ed B.

Thanks Ed B.
Hi Ed, I do remember those Quebec Heaters and pouring water in that spout in the rear for humidity in the home…

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