Monday, March 05, 2007

Mel Stone Update

Just had a chat with Mel who sounded great after his surgery - well on the way to recovery. He was bumped a couple of times from his originally scheduled date, but is now home and resting in the new condo that he and Carole bought in Kelowna. Says he's about to start his exercise program, gradually building up to a return to the golf links by July.

The doctor told him he has a whole new system - but I was too discreet to ask if that applied only to his heart or if that may see a resurgence of interest and ability in other areas. Us old guys live in hope! Again he sounded great and both he and Carole wanted to pass on their thanks to all of you who had expressed concern and forwarded good wishes. Cheers to all. Gus Richardson

Thanks Gus

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