Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Storey... Day Two

On Friday morning I awoke early to see that the parking lot at the Hotel had not been cleared and the roads look still congested. I had planned to visit two business friends early and then go to Burlington to visit with Bob & Pat H. and Ralph & Millie B.

I had parked in a large parking lot across from the Hotel where I went to knock some ice off my truck as it was getting warmer. It was still a mess on the roads, so I figured I would hang around the Hotel until the PM.

I thought I would have to spend the next few hours in my room when my friend called and checked whether I was doing something or not. I explained that I had to be in Burlington in the afternoon but until then I was free. Well, my good friend said that it was my lucky day and I was in for a brunch of a lifetime. I was taken to Cora’s in Mississauga for a Quebec style brunch. The choices were spectacular and delicious. What a treat…! Thanks Buddy. I hope I can repay the favour.

We then toured Mississauga and looked for old watering holes to see if they were still standing. Low and behold La Castile is still there and in business. I guess all our tip's and business from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s kept the doors open. It was really a treat to revisit our old haunts after so many years. What an afternoon to remember.

Back at the Hotel I had to get ready to meet the Boys with there wives in Burlington. Bob said anytime would be fine and he gave me directions to his home and that Ralph would meet us there as well. I was first there but the address I was given didn’t match where I was. A few minutes later I saw Ralph round the corner and he to seemed to be looking for Bob’s home. With all the snow and mess around the area it was difficult to find anything.

Well finally Bob showed up and we all went in to raid his wine cellar. After some time of reminiscing of days gone by we went for dinner at The Judge and Jury in Burlington. We had a lot of fun and said that we need to do this again. Back to Bob’s to make sure he had no more wine and we all headed home after a real fun evening.

That’s day 2 story and I’m sticking with it.

PS I rec’d an email from Heather Br. Col. And she said I passed her home to get to Mississauga. If I had only known…!!!

Marty N

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