Friday, March 09, 2007

Royal George Class Pic

sorry but didn't come out to good and I don't have a scanner.

See how many you can guess ??
Thanks Heather Br.
This is my Grade 6 Class.... Can't make out them all but here goes....Top Row: Teacher Lynton Caines, Marston North,Trevor Mead, Pete Jenkins, Ross Shearer, XXX, Ralph Bennett,Derek Marsh.3rd Row: Richard Chapman, Richard Barnes,Roberta Penney,Myrle Knight, Carole Lalanne, Yvonne ??,xxx, Karl Jorgensen2nd Row: Brenda Fielding, XXX, Donna Comber, XXX, Heather Brooker, XXXFront Row: Allan Kinsey, Lorne Antle, Roger Worthington, XXX, John Dorais, Terry Caverly, David Harding
Thanks Ralph B.
Hi Marston,
Had Coffee with Ralph & Millie yesterday and it was just great. We couldn't"t stay to long as it was a day with grand kids.
We did have a good chat & will get together again soon.
Take care
P.s. Names missed are David burnet, Art (went or wight), Sally Boler, Dena Johansen, Galeanne Taylor and Lindsey White
Thanks Heather,
I will make another trip to Miss. soon and I hope we can all get together...

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