Sunday, March 25, 2007

Silence of the Lambs (Ralph's Version)

Millie and I have just gotten back from our annual Hannibal & Clarice
adventure at Millie's cousin's Lamb farm near Peterborough.
When we left yesterday there had been a total of 42 births... 3 didn't
make it and 1 was an accident victim. 7 Ewees were still awaiting birth so
the final count will end up at between 45 & 50. One of the ewes also didn't
make it.
Talk about perfect timing....
On Wednesday Afternoon I waked in the barn just as a mom was starting
delivery. I took a total of 5 pictures in a 15 minute timeframe. They
covers from the water breaking until where the Mom is drying it of after
deliivery was complete... The lamb was up and walking 15 minutes after that but I
missed it.
Absolutely an incredible experience to have seen.....
The pictures may be a little graphic for the weak of stomach...


Thanks Ralph B.

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