Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Storey of my Trip Day Three

It's Sat. morning and I was preparing to visit with David and Susan. I haven't seen either of them in over forty years so it was quite exciting. Donna said that she would pick me up and we would get some things to take to their home.

Donna picked me up late morning and we shopped for some pastries etc and still had a little time to kill so we went for a cup of coffee. We then headed to David and Susan's place. They welcomed me with open arms and great big smiles.

We had a fun afternoon with treats, Tea and Coffee. The conversation varied from school days to our children today. There was a lot of friendly teasing and some real funny moments for all of us. ( Susan likes the lint brush& David's Algebra Book "private joke"..)

We all went for an early dinner and enjoyed ourselves before the end of my visit. Back at the house, I got to meet their son, wife & grandaughter. I want to thank Susan, David,& Donna for making me feel so welcome. I hope we can all meet again soon.

One sharred glass of wine with Donna and then back home. Thanks Donna for being my personal guide.


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