Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Story of my Four Day Trip

Hi Folks,
I thought I could enjoy a few days away from the PC but NO!!!. I still got the same number of emails if not more. Next time I will leave the Laptop at home...

I was on my way to NYC to keep company with Normand, but he gained his pardon while I was on my way. I changed my coarse from NYC to a little more Northeast into the snow and freezing rain towards Mississauga Ont.

A normal 9 hour trip turned into a 14 hour painful ride in blizzard conditions. I was supposed to be at the Hotel by 2:00 PM but arrived past 6:00 PM. I did not eat at all by the time I got to the Hotel I could have eaten my running shoe.

I did receive a call from a close friend that was going to come to the Hotel and take me for something to eat. ( In Blizzard Conditions!!!!) Well to my surprise my friend showed up and was ready to show me where we could go. I thought without a dogsled or a snowmobile, there would be no way we would find a meal.

We fired up the truck and went four wheeling until we found food. We had a great meal and I think we were the only ones in the restaurant. It was still snowing and blowing snow everywhere.

We made it back to our homes without incident. We might have been a little irresponsible but what are friends for but to get you through difficult times. Now isn't that a real special Friend??

End of Day One....


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