Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tracking Down Relatives

Hi Marty,

A little follow up to the email I received as a result of my postings on your site. This fellow, Howard Ransom, sent me some contact information and a copy of a book that was written in 1984. The book title is The Walcot's of Montreal West. It turns out that the author, now living in Toronto, is a distant relative. My great garndfather and his great grandmother were brother and sister. Descendants of Pierre Piche whom I had sent to you some months ago.

It seems that this is how he located me. In the book by Donald Walcot he covers his mothers side of the family, who like my family are French Protestants. In one section Donald refers to Uncle Peter (my great grandfather Pierre) and to Pierre's daughter Jeanne going to stay in Vankleek Hill to help the family after uncle Al was born. Jeanne is my great garndmother.

The historical interest here stems from the evangelical movement in Quebec to bring the people to the true gospel and covert them to Protestantism.

He sent me another book by the historical society in Quebec that has an account of my 4th great grandfather Basile Piche and his conversion to the Protestant religion in 1850.

Now ain't that a hoot... go figure... an innocent posting by you of someone in my family and now I have a group of people who are barking up the same tree as I am.

Boy would my Mom and my grandmother love to have known all this.

Bob H

Thanks Bob H.

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